History Major Requirements

History Major Requirements

The study of history introduces students to peoples, ideas, and cultures that may be unfamiliar, and thereby helps put our own world into perspective. Students may complete a major in history at UC Davis by taking History courses in the following concentrations: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, United States, and World. Major Check Sheets are available for our major requirements.


Lower Division:

  • At least one course in THREE DIFFERENT concentrations (12 units)
  • TWO additional courses in any concentration (8 units)
Concentration Lower Division Courses
Africa HIS 15A, 15B
Asia HIS 8, 9A, 9B, 9C
Europe HIS 4A, 4B, 4C
Latin America HIS 7A, 7B, 7C
Middle East HIS 6
United States HIS 17A, 17B, 18A, 18B, 72A, 72B, 80, 80W, 85
World HIS 1, 2, 3, 5, 10A, 10B, 10C, 11, 12, 13, 14,  16, 20, 90


Upper Division: 

  • THREE courses in one concentration
  • TWO courses in a second concentration (outside of the first concentration)
  • ONE course in a third concentration (outside of the first and second concentrations)
  • THREE courses in any concentration 
  • ONE Seminar course (HIS 101, 102A-S, X, or 103)
Concentration Upper Division Courses
Africa HIS 102O, 102X (depends on the topic), 115A, 115B, 115C, 115D, 115E, 115F, 116.
Asia HIS 102G, 102H, 102N, 102Q, 102R, 102X (depends on the topic), 111A, 191A, 191B, 191C, 191D, 191E, 191F, 191G, 191J, 194A, 194B, 194C, 194D, 194E, 195B, 196A, 196B.
Europe HIS 102A, 102B, 102D, 102E, 102F, 102I, 102P, 102X (depends on the topic), 111B, 111C, 121A, 121B, 121C,122, 125, 126Y**, 130A, 130B, 130C, 131A, 131B, 131C, 132, 133, 134A, 135A, 135B, 136, 138A, 138B, 138C, 139A, 139B, 140, 141, 142A, 142B, 143, 144A, 144B, 145, 146A, 146B, 147A, 147B, 147C, 148A, 148B, 148C, 149, 151A, 151B, 151C, 151D, 160.
Latin America HIS 102J, 102X (depends on the topic), 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163A, 163B, 164, 165, 166A, 166B, 167, 168, 169A, 169B.
Middle East HIS 102X (depends on the topic), 190A, 190B, 190C, 190D, 193A, 193B, 193C, 193D, 193E, 193F. 
United States HIS 102K, 102L, 102M, 102X (depends on the topic), 169A, 169B, 170A, 170B, 170C, 171A, 171B, 171D, 172, 173, 174A, 174B, 174C, 174D,175, 176A, 176B, 177A, 177B, 179, 180AN, 180BN, 180C, 181, 182, 183A, 183B, 184, 185A, 185B, 187, 188, 189.
World HIS 100, 102X (depends on the topic), 107, 108, 109, 110, 110A, 112A, 112B, 112C, 113, 114, 119, 120. 

  • History 1, History 80 & History 80W are only 2 units. They cannot be used towards the History major unless two of them were taken for a total of 4 units
  • Cross-Listed courses: HIS 2 = STS 2; HIS 16 = STS 16; HIS 109 = SAS 109; HIS 126Y = HMR 162; HIS 161 = HMR 161
  • Students may take more than one 102 seminar and count the additional seminar(s) toward the corresponding upper division field(s).
  • HIS 169A-B can satisfy either the Latin America Concentration or United States, not both.
  • HIS 160 can satisfy either the Latin America Concentration or Europe, not both.