Business Office

Business Office Overview

The Blue Cluster Business Office manages all matters related to research and academic enrichment funding, including account management, purchasing, travel, and entertainment for faculty and graduate students affiliated with our departments and programs. 

Account Management and Inquiries

If you would like to know the balances in your current accounts, or need to find or create an account to receive funding from a unit at UC Davis or another UC campus, please contact Stephanie Ivory, Business and Graduate Operations Manager. Stephanie can also also answer any inquires related to finances or fiscal policy.


Business Office staff can help you make any purchase or payment related to your teaching, research, or public service through a variety of methods and vendors. Please see our Purchasing and Reimbursements page for more information. 

Travel & Entertainment

Business Office staff can also help plan, purchase, and reimburse any travel or entertainment expenses relating to teaching, research, or public service. We are here to ensure your trips are successful and your events are high-quality, while remaining in budget and in compliance with policy. Please see our Travel and Entertainment page for more information. 

External Funding (Contracts and Grants)

If you are considering applying for or have received funding from an agency external to the UC system, please contact the Letters and Science Research Services staff. They can assist will all phases of the external funding process including application, receiving funds, fund management, fund closeout, and reporting. 

Student Employment

The Business Office also facilitates the hiring of hourly Student Assistant positions. If you would like to hire an undergraduate student to perform research or administrative duties, or a graduate student to perform administrative duties only*, please contact Stephanie Ivory to begin the process.  

Student Assistants can be hired at one of three classification levels with an hourly wage between $15-$22.25. More information on the duties appropriate to each classification and hourly wage for each can be found on the Internship and Career Center webpage

*Graduate students performing research duties should be hired as Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs). If you would like to hire a GSR, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator for your department.  If you have any questions regarding which appointment type would be best for a given set of duties, please contact Stephanie Ivory.